Digitalization at the University of Bern

Focus groups

Focus Group Digital Teaching

The «Digital Teaching» focus group develops projects for digitalized «good teaching» under the umbrella of the «Human Being in Digital Transformation» strategy.

Project description

The «Digital Teaching» focus group’s goal is to develop perspective projects for digitalized «good teaching» that can be implemented as part of the «Human Being in Digital Transformation» digitalization strategy. This involves supplementing classroom teaching with appropriate digital forms of teaching and learning as well as enabling graduates of the University of Bern to use digital tools in a reflective manner and to critically shape and support digital change. These teaching projects can be commissioned in cooperation with other units of the University of Bern or be tackled by group members themselves.


The focus group is supported by the Digitalization Commission

Ongoing projects:


  • Initiated by: LEAD, ILUB, Vize rectorate teaching
  • Implementation by: LEAD & Digital Humanities
  • Duration: 2023-2026
  • Funding volume: CHF 708,876
  • Outcome: Integration and development of generative dialog systems in and for university teaching
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